Rotary School of Cambodia Opening Day
Rotary School of Cambodia


Kempenfelt Rotarians Working to Build Cambodian School – December 27, 2014

Mike Kinsey is ready to build a school with bare hands.  Starting January 9, he and a group of 26 Kempenfelt Rotarians are heading to a small village in Cambodia for a month-long construction project.


BEL Rotarians Help Build School in Cambodia – March 5, 2016

The BEL Rotary School of Cambodia officially opened in Cambodia Friday after two weeks in the making.  About 10 Peterborough-area residents took part in the build, including Rotarians and friends and family.  Before the grand opening Friday, some final touches were added to the classroom and the school’s 1 kilowatt solar system was connected.  
The three-room school took 14 days to build from the ground up.


How a Bike Becomes a School


Landfill Topped up the Kempenfelt Rotary School Building Site-Cambodia
The Cambodia School Build
Cambodia Rotary School Sings ‘ABC’ Song

Kempenfelt Rotary BLT School Building Site in Svay RiengProvince

Kempenfelt Rotary School in Cambodia-Day 2 Construction
Be The One to Build On Existing Project